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The big names in Luxury travel retail or the Sixth Continent

More and more people are concerned with the facilities and comfort they get while traveling and with what they use to carry their personal belongings. Many want a luxurious travel bag and a fancy airport boutique to shop from. Luxury travel retail is one of the fastest growing sections of the market and big brands are starting to get in on the fun.

We have all seen those celebrity paparazzi photos at the airport or hotels which, at some point, included luxurious suitcases and bags. This too was probably a factor which influenced the recent boom in the luxury travel retail market. Everyone started wishing for their very own designer luggage set or at least a piece of it. Whether it’s Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Mulberry or Hermés, there is a particular reason, except that of the aesthetics, why someone would want such a set. For starters, suitcases, if used for air travel, are thrown, pushed, shoved and rained on. This is why they need to be resistant and if, moreover, they look amazing, then you should be one happy traveler. So, quality is of the essence.


Probably one of the main aspects taken into account by the big names in fashion, when it comes to the development of the retail segment, would be the surge in Chinese tourists. Asia has become a big part of the fashion market and of this segment, in particular. Chinese tourists, who barely featured in luxury brands’ customer statistics a little over a decade ago, now make up almost 30 percent of global luxury spending, recent reports show. Therefore, top brands are interested in extending their branches in the area. Whether it’s airport boutiques or a new luggage line, luxury brands are stepping up the battle for traveling shoppers. And when we look at the latest figures, we understand why. In 2013, revenues from luxury travel retail reached almost 60 billion euros this year and experts expect this to nearly double in size by 2020.

Also, the quick development in infrastructure and business in the Arabian states is another reason why the luxury travel brands will be interested in expanding and developing to these parts of the world. For example, Qatar’s new airport, which opened on April 30th this year, offers travelers a stunning terminal with 25.000 square meters of shops and restaurants.


Actually, there is even a modern culture for this type of retail. Once passengers step through the security scanner a golden hour begins. Airport retailers, knowing the flight schedules and shopping habits of travelers according to their boarding cards, are primed to receive them. Unlike high-street shops, airport outlets know when their customers will show up. For example, Brazilian women love to test a perfume on their skin, while Chinese women prefer the paper tester. There is even a name for this particular market section - the sixth continent. L’Oreal created a special division within the company dedicated to this segment and has given it this name. Also, LVMH, which owns Louis Vuitton, is planning to launch in 2016 a new retail concept called Galleria, specially designed for luxury travel shoppers.

So, now that we know what to expect after going through airport security, we should also name some of the most coveted luggage in the world in a short list. So, if you want to be stylish on the road, you should check out our Top 5 most stylish travel brands.

1. Experts put the TUMI products in the top of the list when it comes to meeting all the quality requirements. The fact that they are resistant and offer travel protection and a warranty should justify the fact that they are pricey. You will have the wheels for a carry-on replaced if needed and get a two-year warranty for wear and tear.

TUMI Anna Sui collection

2. Louis Vuitton is probably the most popular and loved travel brand. Everyone knows how the suitcases look like, but maybe not everybody knows that a full leather set, consisting in an armoire, a wardrobe, and steamer trunks, four matching suitcases, a cruiser bag, a jewelry case, and a hat bag costs over 60.000 dollars.


3. Let’s continue with another luxurious and popular brand. Chanel offers a wide variety of travel suitcases and bags. Most of them are black leather items with the signature quilted pattern and silver hardware. Average prices are around 2.000 dollars.

Chanel Travel Bag

4. Hermés travel bags include carry-on rolling suitcases, weekender bags and men’s messenger bags. The brand can fulfill even the most pretentious customers. For example, you could choose a suitcase in aluminum and natural calfskin for a bit over 12.000 dollars or one in H Tech canvas for 8.000 dollars.

5. For a more girly approach, you should try Ted Baker‘s Sugars Sweet Floral Print in a mint hue for almost 500 dollars a piece.


The possibilities are endless for the travel and fashion hungry people. The luxury travel retail brands are definitely doing their part and trying their best to satisfy all the requests from an exploding market. All you need to do know is choose your destination.

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