Inside the Handbag Collections of Europe’s Most Famous WAGs

The Many Bags of WAGs

Although most of our celebrity handbag coverage is US-centric, we try to keep in mind that not only are a lot of our readers not American, but a lot of fantastic handbag collections exist in the closets of celebrities beyond our shores. We do our best to find those celebs in the archives of our photo agency, but over the years, I’ve noticed one very clear thing: paparazzi seem to love taking pictures of European athletes’ wives, girlfriends and ex-wives more than anyone else on the entire continent, or some reason. Those women also carry a ton of flashy handbags, perhaps unsurprisingly.

The WAGs, as they’re referred to as a group, are sometimes famous and successful in their own right before they marry (Victoria Beckham, the undisputed Queen of the WAGs), and other times not so much (Coleen Rooney, footballer Wayne Rooney’s high school sweetheart). Whatever their pre-relationship status, marrying a football star (they’re generally footballers’ wives) seems to give these women an extra boost of notoriety that makes them irresistible to the lenses of European paps, and that’s fine with us because now we get to look at their fancy handbags.

The same phenomenon doesn’t seem to happen in the US; even though we’re no less obsessed with sports, the wives of the players generally receive little photographic attention. Which is too bad, because I bet their handbags are pretty fancy, too.

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